About Me

Hi! I guess you want to know a bit more about me, don’t you? Well let’s start.


I am Balance. You can find out more about the handle by clicking on the “Why the Name ‘Balance’?”

I am first and foremost American, but Korean blooded. I have pride in both cultures. I have a skinny build (which I have to thank my high metabolism for) and I am about 5′ 8″ (175cm). If you couldn’t guess from some of the pictures that I have posted here, it’s quite obvious that I am male.


I have various hobbies that I partake in. Some of them I actively take part in, and some of them, I have not done in a long time.

Active Hobbies:

Semi-Dormant Hobbies:

That was the tl;dr version. If you want to read more about my hobbies, just keep reading.

I started playing with Photoshop eight years ago out of curiosity and I got hooked really easily. When I started becoming active at Anime Forum, I started to get really good. I began to explore so many different things. Extractions, photomanipulations, large pieces, wallpapers, signatures/avatars, renders, and so much more.

I WAS going to pursue a career in the Graphic Design area, however due to many circumstances, I have decided to stop. As to what I want to do now, I honestly don’t know. I’ve been meaning to post something in regards to this but I will do so in a timely manner. I will obviously edit this when the time arrives.

Photography is something that I got to learn a bit while I was attending classes for Graphic Design. It was a class that I had to take, but I enjoyed it regardless. I always figured it would be a good thing to learn since it would allow me to be able to take proper pictures of whatever I needed to use as a source for my compositions.

As of the year 2014, I started a challenge to where I would post a picture daily. Through this process, I think I’ve started to really think a bit more clearly about composition and how I should take the pictures. The only problem is the fact that I work evenings and I am usually busy throughout the day. Thus, I have difficulty trying to find the right time to take pictures in good lighting. Alas, c’est la vie.

Even though I have obviously seen some animes before through television (mainly through a program that was called Toonami), I really started watching anime specifically on 2006. It all started when I first watched Kanon 2006. There was something magical about the cartoon that I was watching which was entirely different from all the other cartoons I’ve ever watched in my life.

Since then, I’ve been an active anime viewer and have seen a bit of anime. I do have a MyAnimeList profile which will make it easier for you to know what I’ve seen and have yet to watch. Though it is very small in comparison to some of my other friends.

As far as video editing goes, I only make a few videos. I’ve made a few videos here and there (specifically a Christmas and New Years video), but that’s really about it. If you really want to see what I’ve made, you can find them here. You won’t find the Christmas and New Years video though. I’ve made those unlisted. If you ask, I can give you the link.

I have always played games ever since I was little. I can’t say for sure that I’m a hardcore gamer or even all that skilled. I can confidently say that I have never been bad at it though. I would love to list all my favourite games, but I think I’d rather find a website (or even make my own page) listing all the games that I’ve played.

I currently own a PS3 and a Wii. That’s about all the consoles that I play, and I hardly play on them. I play a lot of my games on my PC. Though of course, there are a few games that I must absolutely play on the console with The Last of Us being one of them.

I have played some MMOs, but not a lot of them. I’ve played Graal Online before. MapleStory was a guilty pleasure back then. I spent a LOT of my time on Mabinogi though. That’s where I probably came out the most. It was the first MMO that I actually decided to join a guild. Not only did I do that, but I actually became good friends with a lot of people in the game. I’ve met a few of them just recently in New Jersey.

Other than Mabinogi, I’ve played Tera for a bit and I played Blade & Soul on a private server for a little while. I’m just hoping that I will obtain enough funds on my own to start building my own computer again. I built one back in 2009 and haven’t really updated it (other than ram) since then.

I started Tae Kwon Do ever since I was young. I started around the age of 8, stopped for a few years, and then started again until I got a black belt during my senior year of high school. Sure, I could have easily gotten my black belt way sooner, but I didn’t want to rush it. I truly believed in earning my belt rather than just memorizing some forms and techniques in order to obtain my higher ranking belt. To be quite honest, it’s already stupid enough that there are so many colour belts now. I do feel accomplished from getting my black belt though. Although it was small, I was given a scholarship (in cheque) as a reward for my hard work in obtaining a black belt.

Unfortunately ever since then, I haven’t gone to a dojang to practice any further than my 1st Degree black belt. There were too many things going on in my schedule that conflicted and I no longer had the money to really pursue it any further. It’s also rather unfortunate that right now, I’m not as flexible as I used to be back then. It truly is unfortunate.

I took lessons for the piano back around junior year of my high school days. I took them for a good amount of time, but I felt like I was only going there to play the same songs and it was more of a tutor forcing me to go through lesson books. While it did help, I just felt like that my mother did not need to pay that kind of money on me for something so simple. I can play a few songs (as you may have seen from my Youtube channel), but I’m nowhere near good at playing the piano.

To really play a song on the piano, I have to play the song over and over again, one measure at a time. I have to take the song into memory before I can actually play it. Due to how long it takes to memorize a song, my attention span does not last long. I also have terrible dexterity so I tend to mess up often.


I had many goals once, but I realized there were too many for me to really work with and some of them were a bit unrealistic. Some of them, however, I still really want to pursue.

Since I am no longer pursuing Graphic Design, I honestly have no idea what field I would want to start studying in. Though business has always been an option. To be honest though, no one really needs a business degree to start one. It definitely helps, but I’ve always felt that it’s a bit of a waste of money to get one if you want to start your own.

It always comes and goes, but lately I’ve really been wanting to start my own cafe near where I live. There used to be one that I absolutely loved to go to. While it may have been 30 minutes away from where I lived, it was absolutely wonderful. It had a nice atmosphere, they had comfortable couches, they had some televisions, good music, wonderful coffee and tea, delicious pastries, and a good price! This cafe had everything that I have ever wanted in a cafe. It is unfortunate, however, that this cafe suddenly was gone. I don’t know what caused it to disappear. It may have simply changed locations, or it just wasn’t getting a lot of revenue (it was in kind of a bad location). In any case, it wasn’t there and many of my friends and I were very saddened that it left.

That cafe is a prime example of I would want to start. Of course, I would add a bit of spice by allowing employees to cosplay if they wanted to. Though the most important factor would be to provide a nice environment while serving top quality service, food and drinks.

This is only a small dream, but I do want to pursue it and see if I can make it happen one day.

Favourite Quotes

“Do you know the title of this song?
It’s Kanon. Pachelbel’s Kanon.
It repeats the same melody and crescendos gradually, peacefully, and beautifully. It would be nice if life changed like that. Slowly but surely, while being seemingly unchanged from day to day.”
-倉田 佐祐理 (Kurata Sayuri) [Kanon]

“Vision is not what your eyes see, but an image that your brain comprehends.”
-Aouzaki Touko [Kara no Kyoukai: Fukan Fuukei]

“We don’t choose our paths depending on the sins we carry, but instead must carry our sins on the path we choose.”
-Aouzaki Touko [Kara no Kyoukai: Fukan Fuukei]

“There are moments in life when you can be with someone with whom you have nothing in common, who you have nothing but disdain for, and then something happens: a moment of shared experience, or shared laughter, and it just changes the playing field. And it doesn’t mean that you become friends afterward, it doesn’t mean that you’ve broken through to a new level of understanding that’ll be with you for the rest of your lives. But something has changed. It’s a bonding moment. And though it’s probable that neither of them would ever discuss it, after this, their relationship will never be quite the same again. They’ve started to see each other as people.”
-Director of Star Trek

Favourite Monologues

“A fly came into the record studio one day.
The fly flew around the room,
And as he flew toward the window…
he bumped into the window with a bump.
The fly tried to go outside, buzzing, struggling,
As though he couldn’t understand why this was happening.
Surely there was nothing was in front of him,
however, he still could not get out.
In my eyes, the fly seemed like myself.
The world is surrounded by invisible walls made by glass.
The open world I saw as a child…
was actually separated by those walls
Now I realize, bumping myself into those walls
Will this fly someday,
Break through the window?”
-Intro to one of G.O.D.’s album

“Don’t underestimate us!
Whether it be time, space, or alternate realities. They mean nothing to us.
We will pierce the path and methods you’ve chosen!
That is who we are, The Dai-Gurren Brigade!
Even if we were to be enslaved in the galaxy’s cycle of rebirth,
the feelings that were left behind will open the door!
Even if the inifinite Universe were to go against us,
our burning blood will cut through fate!
We’ll break through the heavens and dimensions!
We’ll show you our path through force!
Tengen Toppa, GURREN LAGANN!
-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

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