Why the name “Balance”?

Quick Note: Some of this content was something I had written years ago and I plan to redo this section later.


At the ripe age of thirteen, seventh grade, I started to become familiar with the internet world. It all started from Graal Online. At first, when I first started the game, it was so cool because it was like an old school version of Zelda, but you can do so many different things including sparring other people of the world. So (being a Metal Gear Solid fan), I started my first alias as Snake. I also started playing .hack//INFECTION and noticed that my friend had a cooler username on both that game and on Graal Online, which was Edge. I wanted to be unique, and at that time, I was enjoying sprite comics and Megaman was the popular topic amongst me and my friends. So I became X-Guy on Graal Online, because I had felt that “X-Man” just did not work out for me.

For a while, I thought it was cool, until I realized how cheesy it sounded (it also because I got annoyed by the amount of people asking me if I took the name from X-Men). So I decided to try to become even more original by taking out the one object that would help me: the dictionary. You can obviously tell that I didn’t get too far (I started from the first page to look through every single word) and found Balance. I was excited to find a username that I felt had fit me and use it in Graal Online. That was only the beginning of the legend of Balance.

As time began to pass, I began to realize how much of my life applies to the ideals and principles of balance. As I thought about the past, present and future, I finally learned that it was not just a word in the dictionary that I decided to use as my handle, it was fate.

Balance, as we know, has always been a sign of harmonization. It does not necessarily mean that there is an evil force, nor a holy force fighting against its opposites, but rather having both qualities working together as one principle and thus the symbol of the yin and yang applies.

Around the year 2007, my friend had introduced me to numerology, the study of numbers. Apparently, the numbers zero through ten means a certain thing. Now the magic number is two, which means balance. Do you remember those good old elementary days when you would add up the numbers of your name or something like that? That is also applied to this concept. So A = 1 and B = 2 and etc. I decided to fool around with it and started doing that to different words and names and became amused with it. Then I did balance, and the cool thing was that it ended up to mean balance. Of course. I will show you how it works soon. So I did my name which came up to 83. 8+3=11. Since it is above ten, we repeat the process. 1+1=2. 2 = balance. That’s right, my legal first name meant balance.

I have always believed that there was no such thing as coincidences. I won’t be as arrogant to say that it was fate, though it does feel that way sometimes.

Now you know how I came to be Balance and why I will never change from it.