Sakura-Con 2016 Overall Cosplay Gallery

Here it is everyone, the entire gallery of all the cosplay pictures I took in one simple post! I hope you all enjoy~

(Also as a side note, I’m still working on giving credits and links to the people I’ve taken pictures of. So if you find yourself, let me know! I’ll put down your name/handle and a link to your page if you provide them for me.)

Thanks again everyone for letting me take your pictures!

Note: If you want to see the full size image, click on the thumbnail and click on the same image on the attachment page.

7 Replies to “Sakura-Con 2016 Overall Cosplay Gallery”

    1. Ooooh gotcha. That certainly clears things up a bit! Thanks for the update as usual~ Hope to see you again next year!

      1. I was wondering if I could get the high-res photos of the cosplays you took of me. You can send them through fb if that’s easier.

    2. Actually sorry if the props were not in the best condition. And thank you so much for retouching a bit for me~ =)

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