The Little Busterz

Boys Don’t Cry

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The longer I go about living, I see it’s the relationship that is most meaningful. William Shatner Warning! There are spoilers for the following titles: Little Busters!, Persona 4, Nier: Automata, and (old) Star Trek related shows/movies. About a decade ago, I had noticed a certain group of characters with similar art styles being used in forum signatures. The character design had gotten me interested enough to look into where they had come from. That was when I found out they were from a visual novel called Little Busters! and were…read more

Three Years of Trash

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As some of my friends know by now, I often refer my store as the dump. This came across at first as an ongoing joke that’s been going on (against me ahaha) in a friend’s Discord server. It didn’t take too long before everyone pretty much agreed the kind of customers I get are fairly trashy to the point where calling my store “the dump” is an accurate description. It won’t be too long before it will have been officially three years since we took over the convenience store in…read more


“It’s Just a Story”

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忘れ去られた封印都市 A sealed city left to be forgotten 迷い込んだ男と 待ち続けるロボットの少女 A man who’s led astray… and a robot girl whose time never stops 星に道かれた奇跡の物語 A miraculous story leading to the stars Quick Disclaimer: Some of the content of this entry may contain some very minor spoilers to the story. They will not be inherently revealing of the actual plot of the story. However if you wish to dive into the story with absolutely no knowledge of it whatsoever, then I suggest either proceeding with caution, or just wait until you finish the game…read more

The Sky is Always a Bit More Gray Over Here

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The weather is grey outside. Just as consistent as time, Washington state displayed a dull color of grey in the skies during this winter season. Waking up to two of the dogs, Yongki and Q, sitting up and looking at me with anticipation, I get up and open the door to let them go outside in the backyard for them to do their business. The mind still groggy, I wait for a little while until I heard the small pang of the backyard door. Looks like they finished doing their thing already….read more

Unlimited Introspection Works: Ideals vs Reality

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Like in my post A Bird’s Cage, there will be (explicit) spoilers from the Fate/Stay Night (+Unlimited Blade Works) series. If you haven’t seen any of the Fate/Stay Night series and would not like to get spoiled, I would recommend watching it soon (the newest adaptation by UFO Table, Unlimited Blade Work tv series is a great one). Without further ado, here is Unlimited Introspection Works: Ideals vs Reality.

A Day’s Worth of Love

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The season of love quickly approaches us as stores all over the world try to sell you chocolates, jewelry, or simple cards to express your feelings to your significant one, family, or even friends. In other countries (namely Japan and Korea), they even observe two holidays: Valentine’s and White’s day. It is truly an astonishing holiday to observe; however I began to grow more confused about the idea of love as I continued to age. Which does leave a very important question. What is love?

A Bird’s Cage

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Note: Due to the nature of this post, there will be spoilers from Persona 4. If you have not yet played the game, I would highly recommend doing so (preferably Persona 4: Golden as the story is much more complete compared to its predecessor). Otherwise, allow me to introduce to you one of my favorite characters from Persona 4: Amagi, Yukiko!